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Hey everybody! I know the sign says guitar lessons but I also teach harmonica too. Here's some techniques that help build a solid harmonica solo.

Ric Denis has over twenty-five years teaching and performance experience in many styles, including jazz, rock, blues, folk and country. Ric is an honours graduate in jazz/classical musical education at Mohawk College and has developed a curriculum that includes…

  • Private lessons. Beginner to advanced

  • Lessons in my studio or your home*

  • Group and band ensemble instruction

  • Guitar, bass, ukulele, harmonica, songwriting/composition

  • Organize and prioritize all the online information available

  • Discover the fun of being musical at any age

​Ric is also involved with the RBC Bluesfest - Be In The Band program as Band Coach and an Instructor at the Bluesfest School Of Music and Art

Chords... That’s where we begin.
Chords are fundamental for playing guitar, and you won’t have to learn ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’. Guaranteed!

Progressions ... Let’s put ‘em together.
Songs are chord progressions. They’re quite simple really. You’ll see when you write your own tune.

Rhythm... Now let’s make it groove.
Cause it don’t mean a thing if it don’t got that swing...or that funk, or punk, or rock, or reggae, or heavy, or twang, ballad, waltz...

Scales & Improvisation... Now let’s make it sing.
BB King, Chet Atkins, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Carlos Santana...need I say more?

Ear Training... Now see what you hear.
Yes, that does sound weird. The idea is to learn how to teach yourself. Are you going to want to take lessons for the rest of your life?

Guitar Theory... Now I get it!

Actually, you’ll get it with every step you approach. And then you can impress your friends and family with words like ‘enharmonic’ and ‘syncopation’. Guitar Theory is the same as musical theory with more concentration on understanding the fret board of a guitar when playing. It is the knowledge that allows you to communicate and to jam with musicians other than guitarists and to understand what they are talking about. It allows you to learn songs with your ears and to recognize chord progressions rather than relying on tablatures. This is not an attempt to change the way you play, but rather to open up some opportunities, to step up with some conviction, to give you some ideas and to expand your repertoire.

*The Ric Denis Guitar School in no way wishes to show disrespect in any form or fashion to the author of  the song ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ or any music educator who chooses to, sorry... enlighten their students to it.

What’s it cost?...
Your private 1/2 hour lessons are at a regular time, once a week.
-$25.00 for a one time ‘trial-lesson’ 
-$88.00 for a 4 lesson block.
-$245.00 for a 12 lesson block

* In home lessons can be a negotiated price based on travel expenses, taxes and such. Minimum, a block of four, one hour lessons
Lessons can be paid by cash or cheque.


Group Lessons

Young Beginners aged 10 to 13 - A good way to get open chords, tempo, time signatures and simple strum patterns down using basic instruction and playing straight forward popular songs (no ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’, guaranteed). Minimum 3 students.

Teen Beginners - The same as Young Beginners only the instruction moves a little quicker and gets a little more involved by including bar chords, swing and straight feels and strum patterns over compound times. Minimum 3 students.

Adult Beginners - Same as the Teen Beginners only students don’t have to worry about being shown up by a 16 year old. Minimum 3 students.

Ensembles - Students get to apply all their skills in band situations. Also included are improvisation techniques using the pentatonic scale and basic band etiquette, because music is great but noise sucks. 

© 2015 Ric Denis

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